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Date Archives: September 2021

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Selling your home can take months of preparation to get your home ready and find the right buyers. One thing that can help many homeowners is having a home selling checklist to follow as they are preparing to move. 

Do you want help getting organized as you begin preparing your home for sale? Keep reading this home selling checklist to see the 7 things you should do before selling your home. 

1. Hire a Great Real Estate Agent

One of the most important things you can do before selling your home is hire a great real estate agent. Although some people may feel like they can sell their home by themselves, this may make it harder for you to sell your house. 

Hiring a real estate agent can help your selling process go much faster. They can also help you with other important parts of the selling process, like finding the best price for your home, advertising your home, and setting up showings with potential buyers.

Make sure you find a reliable real estate agent to work with when you are selling your house. 

2. Find the Right Price

As was mentioned before, using a real estate agent will help you determine the best price for your home. You want to be sure that you set the price at fair market value to get the best price for your house. 

While you do not want to underprice your home, it is also important that you do not overprice your home. If you do, you may find that your home stays on the market for much longer. 

Not only will it be harder for you to sell, but you may have to drop the price in the long run anyway.

One way you can determine the best price for your home is by looking at listings for similar homes for sale in your area. This way, you can see what a similar house is worth, and you can price your home competitively. 

3. Stage Your Home

Next, you want to prepare your home for potential buyers. One of the best ways you can do this is by professionally staging your home. 

First, you want to be sure that you deep clean your house, both inside and out. Making sure your home leaves a good first impression with potential buyers will make it more likely that you sell your home quickly. 

It is also vital that you depersonalize your home. When people are attending an open house or a showing in your home, seeing pictures of another family may make it difficult for them to envision themself living there. 

By depersonalizing your home and packing away your personal belongings, your home will look like a blank canvas for new buyers. If you want help staging your home on your own, you can follow these staging tips

4. Get an Inspection

Something else that you should do when you are preparing to sell your home is to get an inspection for your house. While this may not be necessary, especially in a seller's market, this will help you identify any problems that you need to get fixed before selling. 

By getting an inspection at the beginning of your selling process, it will prevent any problems from coming up and may be able to keep potential sellers from backing out. 

5. Improve Your Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is a vital part of your home's appearance. Without good curb appeal, you may detract buyers and lessen the interest in your home. However, it is easy to improve the first impression of your home. 

Most importantly, you should improve your landscaping. Make sure you have a neatly trimmed lawn and well-manicured foliage. If you want to add colorful flowers or a new layer of mulch, your yard will look fresh and lively.

Here are some other curb appeal ideas you can consider adding as you prepare to sell your home.  

6. Understand Selling Expenses

Many people who are selling their homes do not realize that there are selling expenses that they will have to pay for. For example, hiring a real estate agent will cost you a percentage of your home's sale price to help pay for their commissions. 

Depending on the results of your inspection, you may also have to pay for expensive repairs. 

Make sure you speak with your realtor to better understand these expenses and how much they will cost you. 

7. Make Small Improvements

Finally, you should make any small improvements that you can to make your home more attractive to prospective buyers. 

First, you should do minor touchups. If you have any holes or scuffs on your walls, these will stand out like a sore thumb on your listings. You can easily patch holes in your walls and use a foam eraser to remove scuffs. 

Another relatively easy change that you can make for your house is to update the paint. This is especially important if you have lived in your home for a while, as your paint may look dingy or discolored. 

By adding a fresh coat of paint, your home will look brighter and cleaner for your buyers.  

Get a Home Selling Checklist With a Realtor in Sioux Falls Today

Are you trying to list your house for sale? It may seem overwhelming to prepare your house for new buyers. However, when you follow this home selling checklist, you will be more prepared as you are selling your home. 

Whether you need help selling a home or buying a home, finding the right realtor can make this process much simpler. 

Do you need help with the home selling process in Sioux Falls? Hegg Realtors can help! Contact our team today to get help with selling a house, buying a house, and any other home selling questions that you have. 


The largest city in South Dakota, Sioux Falls has an average household income of $79,847 and makes a great location for families, couples, and older people. But why is it such a popular destination for people to relocate to?

There are many things to do in Sioux Falls, from cultural activities to sporting opportunities, family fun, and more.

Keep reading as we explore some of the most enjoyable things to do in Sioux Falls and experiences you can take part in when you become a resident.

Visit Falls Park

One of the most popular activities in Sioux Falls is the city's namesake: Sioux Falls Park and the fantastic waterfalls found there. Be sure to take a camera as you watch the Big Sioux river cascade over stunning rock formations.

While they are far from the country's largest falls, there's a certain charm to the Sioux falls which makes residents proud to call them their own. The falls are situated in a large park of 123 hectares, meaning there's plenty of space for walking and cycling trails.

The park is located between the Whittier and North End East neighborhoods, in close proximity to the downtown area.

Explore the Old Courthouse Museum

The next unmissable activity in Sioux Falls can be found just a couple of blocks south of Falls Park. The Old Courthouse Museum is a beautiful historic building dating back to the late nineteenth century.

With a tall bell tower, it's one of the most iconic pieces of architecture in Sioux Falls.

The aesthetic gems continue inside, as you can explore lovely stained glass and fireplace features. Fans of the television show "Parks and Recreation" might get a kick out of the many murals that can be found inside.

Admire the Cathedral of Saint Joseph

Another beautiful building in Sioux Falls is the Cathedral of Saint Joseph, situated just around the corner from the museum. Tours are available in the mornings and afternoons, but it's also possible to explore by yourself.

Reminiscent of some of the most fantastic European churches, it's one of the most serene and magnificent spots in the city. Make sure you check out the pipe organ and stained glass!

The cathedral sits just outside the downtown area: it's an area with lots of potential.

Go Shopping at the Empire Mall

The best place for shopping in Sioux Falls is the Empire Mall. Recently renovated, this Sioux Falls mall is a great place to spend a Saturday or an evening during the working week.

Some of the most popular shops include Coach, Lululemon, American Eagle, and Sephora. There are also lots of dining options available and entertainment too.

What makes Sioux Falls such a great location is its size: everything is in close proximity. The Empire Mall is found in the southwest corner of the city but is easily reachable via the I-29.

Enjoy Some Culture at Washington Pavilion of Arts and Science

For the latest cultural events in Sioux Falls, the Washington Pavilion of Arts and Science is the place to go. If you're interested in galleries, science exhibitions, theatre, or concerts, this is the place for you.

Events are held throughout the year, including performances from the South Dakota Symphony Orchestra and the Sioux Falls Jazz & Blues Society.

If you're interested in finding Sioux Falls jobs, this might be a great starting point for those interested in a creative career.

Take to the Water at Terrace Park

For those considering moving to Sioux Falls with their family, take a look at Terrace Park. This is where you can enjoy the outdoors without having to leave the city.

There are plenty of sports facilities here, including a baseball complex in addition to a playground, and swimming pool. Perhaps while the children are having fun with activities, parents can enjoy the more tranquil Japanese Garden.

It's also possible to make use of Covell Lake which flows through the park. Have fun canoeing, fishing, and kayaking here.

Hit the Ski Slopes

Every winter, the snow comes to Sioux Falls, and with it, the opportunity for skiing, snowboarding, and more. The Great Bear Ski Valley is one of the most popular ski resorts in the area.

The distinct seasons of South Dakota are one of its biggest appeals. While the city is lovely in the summer, watch as it becomes a charming winter wonderland during the winter. It's surely one of the best reasons to invest in real estate here.

If snow sports aren't for you, this park can also be enjoyed for hiking adventures in the warmer months.

Check Out the Sertoma Butterfly House & Marine Cove 

Finally, an activity that everyone can enjoy is exploring the Sertoma Butterfly House and Marine Cove. Discover more than 800 butterflies here from all over the world.

Combine this visit with the Marine Cove which is on the same complex. Here you can watch sharks, stingrays, fish, and coral to your heart's content.

The center champions education and holds classes and events for all ages every week. You can even take part in a behind-the-scenes tour to learn just how they run the Butterfly House.

Those Are Just Some of the Amazing Things to Do in Sioux Falls

We've now seen that "The Heart of America" is a thriving place to live, and there are plenty of things to do in Sioux Falls. From the snowsport opportunities in winter, to the hiking and bike trails in summer, it's a great place to live year-round. 

If you're looking to buy or sell a property in the Sioux Falls area, Aaron Rietsema and his team are here to help. Get in touch here to organize viewings, or for mortgage, foreclosure, and other real estate advice.


Did you know Sioux Falls is officially one of the best places to live in the country? Ranked as one of Livability's Best Places to Live and making the Top 10 list in 2020, it's tough to imagine there's a bad neighborhood in the whole city.

The hard part is choosing where to live in Sioux Falls when it comes time to move. Where's best for families? Young professionals? What about the best neighborhood for empty nesters? Find your ideal place to settle down with this full guide to some of the top neighborhoods in Sioux Falls.

McKennan Park

One of the most exclusive neighborhoods in Sioux Falls is also one of the oldest. Most of the homes were built in the early 1900s and they all have a stately, historical look. McKennan Park is a perfect example of how Sioux Falls has great real estate potential.

Whether it's a cozy craftsman or an expansive two-story colonial, the neighborhood's homes ooze charm and character. It's not just luxury homes on offer either. DIY-lovers can also find a fixer-upper in need of some love to turn into your forever home.

The neighborhood's namesake McKennan Park is the city's oldest developed park and features a restored 1926 bandshell, a Mediterranean-style sunken garden, and a wading pool for the little ones.

Downtown Sioux Falls

Sure, it would be tough to compare Sioux Falls' downtown area to the metropolitan monsters of New York, San Francisco, and Seattle. If you do crave a more fast-paced lifestyle and like to be in the center of everything, however, Downtown Sioux Falls is where it's at.

Situated right in the heart of the city, if you choose a home in Downtown Sioux Falls, you'll be within walking distance to some of the best restaurants, shops, and local breweries in the city. If it's a bit far out of reach on foot, then you've got access to the Downtown Trolley for just $2 per day.

There's a decent population of young singles living in the downtown area but empty nesters and families are also prevalent. Downtown offers a variety of price points along with its huge selection of amenities and facilities. Coffee shops, boutiques, and restaurants galore are all just a short walk away.

Southern Suburbs

If you've ever wondered, 'Is Sioux Falls safe?' then you might want to focus on the south of the city. Five of the top safest cities in Sioux Falls can be found in the southern suburbs.

Minnesota Avenue is an unofficial border in Sioux Falls, separating the west side and east side. The Southern suburbs found directly below both have been growing over the last few decades and you'll find a mix of 90s split-level homes and newer developments.

The area is very family-friendly with access to great school districts and a mix of single-family homes and townhomes. If you're keen to invest in something new, you'll find a fair amount of construction developments and lots available.

West Sioux Falls

Residents of Sioux Falls love to debate which is better, east or west. The answer is more often than not, whichever side you grew up in but there are a few differences between the two.

The area includes neighborhoods west of I-29 and runs to S. Ellis Road and you'll find a wide range of prices and settings for your new home. New construction developments are always popping up with a mix of townhomes and single-family homes available.

As a bonus, during the summer, families will appreciate the short drive to the popular Wild Water West Waterpark.

East Sioux Falls

With its rolling hills and ancient trees, it can be argued that East Sioux Falls has more greenery than the west side. The area includes neighborhoods east of I-229 and includes the Harmodon Park baseball complex.

One big draw to East Sioux Falls is the proximity to many of the region's big sights including the ​​Big Sioux State Recreational Area, the Mary Jo Wegner Arboretum, and the hills of Great Bear Ski Valley. If you're an outdoor lover, then this could be a great fit for you.

Homes include new construction developments and lots with a diverse mix of townhomes and single-family homes.

Cherry Lake

Ever dreamed of living lakeside where you can wake up with a refreshing morning swim, try your hand at fishing on the weekend, and enjoy the sun setting over the water each night?

Cherry Lake has got you covered. 30 acres of groundwater lake with a hard sand bottom nestled among peaceful prairie surroundings. Mostly single-family homes are available and some of the homes here even have direct access to the lake.

Found on the west side of the city, Cherry Lake is ideal for many different types of Sioux Falls families. Walking and bike trails, a large playground, lakeside beaches, and of course great fishing are all on offer in the neighborhood.

For a similar vibe but a more central location, you can consider Lake Lorraine which offers a 33-acre lake with dining and shopping right on your doorstep.

Find the Best Real Estate Agent in Sioux Falls

Ready to take the plunge? Now that you've done your research and have a better idea of where to move, it's time to hand it over to the professionals. A good real estate agent will help you decide amongst all the great neighborhoods in Sioux Falls. Your ideal neighborhood could be one of these listed or one of many others in the city.

Choose an agent that will take time to listen to your needs, make recommendations based on their expertise in the area, and do all the leg work for you to help find the perfect home. Learn all about the top realtor in Sioux Falls and how to get started on finding your ideal home.

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